Thursday, May 20, 2010

Joseph Taylor - Help you - Critique


- push the "Anybody" lipsync. "any" will have a much wide mouth shape than what you have now.

- the two cigarette puffs are very similar in timing. Change one up a bit for contrast.

- there's a body pop (looking around hip area and hand/elbow area) at x257

- her finger business around x356 feels to even. The back and forth timing is the same. The fingers also feel detached from that action. Add some ambient movement to the other fingers and the wrist.

- on "myself", on that forward lounge, she could half way during that forward move lift her shoulders and drop them, as an accent.

- on "I'm doing alright", as she goes back, she could lower the shoulders

- weird screen left upper arm geom change over two frames starting at x289


- "help yourself" lip sync is great!

- the rest of the lip sync needs some pushing: introduce arcs in the corners of the mouth. "we TRYING to help you", lower the jaw more on "trying". You can hold the "you" shape for a few frames longer, you don't always have to close the mouth or go back to default pose; "HOW long", "how" could be pushed, again, bigger jaw drop; second "help YOU" I would hold the you shape a bit longer as well

- as his head goes up and hand goes up around x96 and face opens up, you could also raise the shoulders a tiny bit

- "for how long", you could keep his mouth open after "long" until he starts the new line, so he feels a bit more engaged, not need to always close the mouth.

- I wouldn't have his hand so flat against the camera on x116. Keep it rotated away from us and push the finger pose a bit more. What you have on x105 is great, that's an appealing pose. x109 has a default hand with a wrist really bent over, it feels a bit broken. x179 works much better.

Hope that helps!


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