Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alessandro Chirico - Stand and Sit - Critique


that's a really good start, I like where you're going with this!

Here my picky notes:
- on the up, there could be a more refined timing approach so that you have her a bit slower going up at the very beginning until around x31 and then she uses her legs to push off and the timing of the up movement gets faster.
- on the down I would slow down the beginning as well, then ramp up the speed and then either get faster until the touches the chair (not a hard plump, but pushing the contact more than what you have now), or you have her go down and then slow down around x80 for a few frames, like a little pause, and then have her drop her butt onto the chair (but here as well you should have a harder contact moment)
- her hands on the thighs feel more constrained on it than actually using the arm for a push off or stabilizing. I don't buy the weight of the arms onto the legs
- watch out for her right arm at x39 how it is overstretching
- her wrists suddenly rotate after x39 to 42 and then stop (her right arm is still overstretched at that point); I would give that turn a more natural feeling; right now it feels like a computer rotation without purpose
- overall the body rotates down and up in one axis and it would be cool to have more sideways rotation, like she's leaning a bit; that will help you with the little step she takes after x47; that step feels to isolated in the leg section, with no root or hip movement for balance and weight shift
- her right foot slides back at the beginning and that slide is a bit simplified, so in your next pass you could add a little Y rotation to it as well and maybe TINY side to side tilt
- watch out for the unnatural movement in her right wrist after x65 until x72; the arm bends and the wrist turns back, which is a weird move
- her body and head feel too connected as one unit after x16 when she bends down to around x25; it would be good to break up those movements; same on the way up
- as you introduce a bit more side to side movement (translate and rotate) in the body, it will also affect her head in those directions for balance

Alrighty, hope that makes sense!


  1. thanks for posting these critiques!

    regarding the lack of weight of arms on the thighs: maybe the problem is the placement of the hands? i would have placed the hands further down, closer to the knees (at least on the getting-up part). It easier to get up that way and it seems more natural - placing your weight at the joint (the knees), instead of putting weight on the thighs themselves, which are working in the opposite direction (upwards). what do you think?

  2. Hi Rafi, thanks for your comment! I thought in the beginning to place the hands a bit further down, but I had some problems with the shoulders and the elbows so at the end i put the hands near the hips. After the critiques of JD i thought to move the hands toward the knees to try to solve the problem of the weight. Maybe the mistake comes from overacting. I've shoot a reference of myself and my hands use to start near the knees. At the very moment i start to anticipate the movement, my hands naturally come closer to the hips and then i start to get up. I'll try to remember your tips once I do it again. Thanks!

  3. I know what you mean about overacting in the reference, I suffer from it as well.. good luck