Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saberi Knakon - Never - Critique

Here my thoughts:

- that arm still feels to IK-ish in it's movement; with such big movement, there would be more falloff in the shoulder and chest; both areas would react more to the arm doing all the moving

- the screen left arm gets into a pose and then sticks there throughout the rest of the shot

- her finger pointing feels more like she's trying to stab the person; so that move combined with her locked left arm feels more like a fencing pose and move :)
I would look at
and watch the creampuff (work-in-progress) shot. There's always a clear silhouette in the left guy's arm. And with her, in your shot, the elbow is mostly pointing away from the audience, giving her a stump arm if you do the squint test.

Looking at the above image, the forearm just ends with her fist and no elbow or forearm for most of the gesture.

Also, her chest is very rigid and mostly vertical. Same with her head. You can rotate the body back a bit more as she winds up and then do a reversal C curve on the point, so it's really in-your-face and less stiff.

- On "never", the movements could also a be a tiny bit snappier, so there's more connection between her voice and action. Her current gestures feels a bit soft and doesn't match the intensity of the voice.

- Same goes for her face. On "should' it could be more squashed together, with squintier eyes and a bigger expression on "never", so that there's more of an antic and release.

Hope that makes sense!

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