Sunday, September 23, 2012

Christoph Angehrn - Fight - Critique

Ok, for the two new shots, here are my thoughts:

- red guy steps in and makes a fist; I think the fist moment can be pushed a bit with a pause between those two moments, so on x341, I would wait 10 more frames, then make the fist and as you continue to add breakdowns, I wouldn't make the fist transition too fast; I think if you have that moment be more deliberate and slow, it will show us that this guy is really pissed and it's his goal to kick some ass, instead of just showing a succession of movements by having this guy step in and go directly into a fist post

- when we see the green guys' face, before the wipe, are you planning on having him react to the red guy stepping in? Meaning, is his downward gaze going to go up, will he blink, will there be any facial reaction or is he totally concentrated and cold, like he knew already that the red guys is going to show up so that he just turns and goes "come here, let's do this"?
- the "come here" wave is a bit played out; I'm glad you didn't do the "Matrix" cupped finger/hand pose and it's more of a wave, but we could push this a bit more and give it a bit more character. What's the green guy's attitude towards the red guy? Is he confident he can kill him? Would the wave be a bit more relaxed and bored? Is the ready to fight but he secretly knows that he might not win? Would it be good then to have just one wave? A quick one? Or is he so strong that wants to play with him? Would he then not wave but just use his index finger, like a playful "come here little guy"?

I think overall all the ideas are in place, but it would be really cool to think about character moments even when the faces are not visible. You can still tell us about their character, just by seeing their body move, or just through a hand gesture.

What do you think?


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