Sunday, September 30, 2012

Christoph Angehrn - Fight - Critique

I think shot 4 works well in the cut, the only thing that cuts weird is the camera movement. Meaning, in shot 4 the camera is still and in shot 5 it's tracking and tilting. I would start moving in the camera towards the green guy ever so slightly in shot 4 and slow down the camera at the beginning of shot 5, so that the motion carries over in a subtle way.

The expression of shot 3 I'm not too sure about. He feels more like a movie creature, that roars before an attack. It makes him look really animalistic and not human. :)
Is that the intention?

Overall though it's coming together, my only change would be for the last shot (don't forget to include frame counters, the last one has it missing).

After his jump he punches the guy, but that move feels really odd because there's a direction change in mid air, which doesn't really work:

If you look at the arc of the jump, he would end up where the point of my green arrow is, yet he suddenly moves SR for no reason. In order to make it work with the position of the punch (before he lands on the guy and slides SR (that direction change makes sense because of the body contact)), you will have to move him over to the right and flatten the visual Left to Right arc:

I hope my crappy drawings make sense. :)

If you have an overall controller that moves the whole guy, you could counter that move to the right, so that you don't have to go back into his animation. What do you think?


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