Friday, September 7, 2012

Ji-Hong Kim - Bee - Critique


looking good! My only thoughts would be:

- after x1904, he moves suddenly super fast to the right. I'd add a few more inbetweens so it's not so super zippy

- watch out for the foot pose from x1945 to 1948. The foot is rotated at the same angle throughout, so it feels stuck in that pose

- on the plant, I'd move the foot a bit more forward

So on x1948, move the foot a bit more screen left, based on how the foot would fall on x1947 (above pic)

- The pose on the foot on x1950 could have more of a foot roll in it, so it doesn't feel so stiff:

- and one frame later, it feels like the legs go a bit too far over one frame, which gives it a poppy feel:

- even though you have a moving hold after x2004, I feel you can add one more distinct move on x2005 that transitions into the hold; right now he comes to a fairly abrupt stop

- the grab after that I would delay to around x2031ish, so that it's more in sync with the music; same with the last pose around x2064; right now they both feel too early

- I'm assuming it's breathing around x2085, but he moves down a bit too quickly, it doesn't feel like heavy breathing or even a forceful exhale, it starts too quickly

Almost there!

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