Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nancy Lai - Creature - Critique


overall this looks GREAT!!! LOVE IT!! You made fantastic changes to it!

My only tweak would be to have something like this:

The first time I watched it, the only thing that felt strange was he was jumping up onto bridge, while she's running away. You could argue that he wants to use the bridge to swing further forward to catch her. But I think it would be cool to add one more thing prop wise that really motivates him to get onto that bridge.

So I wouldn't change the camera and anim wise, the only thing that would need some tweaking is from x187 to 201, how his right arm goes back. It's cool how he's pulling himself forward, but if a car is underneath the hand, it would look like he's pulling the burning bar towards him. The hand would have to lift off first and then get onto the ground.

Other than that, I think it's great and your stumbling idea you mentioned for her is a good idea.

If you're okay with that car change, we can start attacking the shot anim wise to refine it. There's a lot of work in it and I would suggest you cut the shot into separate sections. A good first chunk to work on would be from x1 to x100, then from 101 to x185 and then from x186 to the end. These are rough numbers but it feels like during those sections you have separate beats (looking mainly at the creature). Of course that's just a suggestion.

What do you think?


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