Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yuri Perrini - Suitcase - Critique


all is well, hope you're doing good too!

The idea of breaking up the shot into separate sections for polish is a great idea and I frequently do the same thing. Your shot is long so it can be daunting to refine everything. But it's looking good overall, don't be too frustrated. :)

The frame range you want to work on sounds good. I also go by the actions of the character. You mention the first 300 frames, but you could also go up to x342, since he stops pulling and goes into a new action. Totally up to you, it's just something to think about if it helps.

The camera movement works and helps us getting a good look at him, nicely done!

As you start splining and refining the timing, here some areas I'd tweak while you're at it:

- don't forget to keep a clean silhouette throughout the shot, so avoid any tangents:

 - there's the moment where he turns around the suitcase and leaves it tilted. Being so heavy, it feels like it should fall over during that section after the turn and until he gets ready to pull around x419. So maybe show that he's still holding it up, or better, have the suitcase start tipping over and he pulls it up a bit for balance. Would be very cool to keep showing the weight of it during that section:

- after the break-away pull, I feel that by x581 his root can be higher so that he's not so squatting in his steps. His legs are already long, so his bent legs feel a bit weird at that point, it's kind of a forced pose:

- lastly, I like the direction you're going for the ending, I'd just be careful with the pose at x815 and 817. It indicates that he's jumping to the right. So point him the other way so that the arc is correct.

Nice work!!

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