Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Critique - Aditi Bhandari

Almost done! ;)

Sorry to not let these areas go, but I think give it one more pass:

Around x75, when he goes up, the back paws, mainly the far screen right one, goes up a bit too early and too quickly. I like that you have them move down as the body goes up, since the paws would compress for the push. So if you can, keep going down longer on that guy and only later go up since he's overstretching and reaching.
One more thing I should have mentioned earlier, but hopefully no biggie, check x65, see how both paws are pretty much in the same pose? Just have one of them rotate differently in Y, so that you offset them.

Another thing, quick fix, his front left leg, on x65, add a few more frames for the top arc hold, then drop his leg/foot. Talking about 2 frames only, maybe even one, just to take away that quick direction change. And on the way back to x70 arc the trajectory of the paw. Right now it's a pretty straight line.

The rest works great! Nice job!

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