Monday, March 8, 2010

Dog (updated) - Aditi Bhandari

About the dog (can you add a frame counter?):

Don't want to have him step on the lid, huh? ;)
But I like that there is some sort of interaction with it at the end though.

It's working better, but there are still some of the same areas that would need a bit more tweaking:

- starting at x52 the back paws are still fairly locked (in Y rotation) and even though they go up and down, they are both in sync and they don't feel like it's a movement driven by the legs, as some form of keep alive or compression. They feel too much like they are independent and with the somewhat swimmy/spliney timing they just stand out. The dog feels like he's wearing high heels.
- his right leg/paw starting around x96 to 133 is still in a weird pose. It's too straight down and it's not moving in terms of bending in the paw or elbow area. It's just one big stick hanging down for a long time. Maybe add a little adjustment grab on the garbage, or a curl up - hold - then curl down again, etc. but try to get away from that stick pose.
- the head on x101 to 108 still feels like a Go-Go-Gadget moment. :)

It stretches out too much. A dog can really stretch, but it feels so isolated in the neck area that it looks weird.

From a behavior point of view it's still a bit weird how the dog goes from sniffing the ground around x33 to immediately going for the garbage bin. I still think it needs a little moment of thought inbetween that move. Some thought process of how "floor - meh - oh! - THAT'S IT OVER THERE!", but not as big as the moment after the guy walks by with his bag.

That's all!

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