Saturday, March 20, 2010

Critique - Igor and Groovy Walk - Sebastian Kalemba


it's getting better! There are a few little things to look out for:

- the head drop from x37 to 41 through the loop is a bit fast
- when the fist plants on x19, it's a tiny bit fast as well and the sticks like IK, so I would add some sideways rotation for the wrist to show compression
- look at the fist position in relationship to his right foot on x19, then again on x36. The wrist is much further back behind the foot, which means that's sliding backwards. But since he's pushing on that arm for support, it should be planted just like the foot. So the wrist on x36 should in the same position in relationship to the foot like on x19
- the feet seem to slow down as they move screen right, but as long as they are on the ground the movement has to be linear, no keys inbetween and no flat tangents

About the groovy walk:

Hahahaha! Nice attitude!

Good start! I'd just watch out for those legs during the forward move. In the front view the really snap back before the plant, you will have to slow that down by a few frames.
Careful during the looping switch, the arms pop in a new position, same with the root.
Once you get more into it, you could add a bit more overlap in the head, or have him lead with the head, but either way, right now it's a bit too in sync with the upper body. The head and the body move as one unit, instead of broken up in terms of timing.

Nice work!

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