Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Igor Walk - Sebastian Kalemba

The clip is coming along nicely!

A few things though:

The thing about cycles is that you should be able to grab the master controller and move the character forward at a certain speed and it would look like the character is walking from A to B.

But once you start introducing different lengths of foot steps and pauses between steps, it will make it difficult to just move the character using the master controller. At this point, it would be easier to animate the character directly going from A to B. But maybe that's just me.

As a test, grab the master controller and pull the guy to the left so you can see what I mean and how tricky it can get.

Besides that, here a few other parts that would tweaking:

- always check the root first, since that area will influence all of the other animation. I think the up is a bit linear, not by much, but I think you'd benefit from starting the up movement a bit slower, then speeding up towards the end. But keep it going up ever so slightly and stretch out that slow going up and slow coming down moment. Right now you go up quickly, then from x13 to 14 there's no more movement in Y. Stopping like that after such a quick raise makes it look too blocky. Keep the up momentum a bit more and then go down, give it enough hang time.
- on the up movement from x8 to 13 you could drag the head a bit more, so rotate it down on the way up. Then on the way down to x23 you can rotate it up for another drag. Basically, a bit more overlapping action would be nice, since he's not that in control of his body. It's okay to bring up the head first around the x30 section, because he's leading the body with the head, he's trying to get back up. But the move is a tad too fast and definitely comes down too fast. You will have to extend the length of the cycle in order to put it all the proper timed movements in there.
- The arc of the head moving up could also be broader. If I look at the front view tracing his nose you get this:

Your arcs are very angular, so give them enough room to really curve around.
- looking at the side view, the fist that comes down to the ground is moving back faster than the foot, which means it's sliding. It would work better as a push off (which I think is intended here), so it will have to move screen left as far as the foot is.
- his left arm could drag a bit more during the big up movement from x25 to 33. Right now the arm goes up with the body and it should be delayed a bit.

Those are some big changes body and timing wise, so I would start with these notes.


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