Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Critique: Lukasz Burnet

Link to happy walk: here

Overall really cool!

The main thing that's a bit big is the finger/hand animation. That part of the body (especially the fingers) feel(s) too loose. I would keep finger overlap, drag, etc. to a minimum.

In terms of detail, make sure that your foot spacing is even so that there is no sliding. Take for instance (in the sideview) the back foot on x12 to 13. The spacing is suddenly pretty small during that part, whereas during the frames before it's much bigger.

Last thing, his left arm, as it swings back, feels a bit even in timing and as if he's pulling the arm back, but then towards the back end it slows down to a slow pace for a few frames. It's a picky thing but if you have time, check that section again.


Link to Angry Walk: here

This one is cool from a technical point of view, but besides the angry face and the fist, it's not really that Cowboy-ish angry to me. I could see this more on an angry Grandmother cycle. :)

Same thing about the feet as the above clip, check sections like x2 to 3, where the back foot doesn't move in space anymore, but stays put and pivots out of the toe area. If you'd pull the whole guy from A to B for walk, the foot would slide on the ground going forward.

I would delay the overall hip animation by two frames. The hips go up right (or even one frame before) the foot is really on the ground. But the hips should go up once the weight is on that leg, which happens after the foot planted and the character lifts the other foot up.

Something else that makes him not that angry is the swingy gun arm anim. It looks cool, but it's so loose that there is no tension in it, taking away from the angry feel.

Looking at the front view, the head rotation in Y seems to stop pretty quickly when it turns to the left, once it reaches x19.


Link to Cowboy dying: here

It's a fun piece, but what are you trying to show? What skill set do you want to incorporate in this clip? If it is for pure mechanics, then keep on going, and here a few notes:

Not too sure if it is due to the camera lens, but visually, the guy looks off balance at the start, especially around x33 to 85. He would fall over to the right.

Starting around x44 the gun is aligned right where the screen left leg is, forming a tangent. Since you should rotate the body back a bit for better balance, you can then move the arm and the gun more screen left for a clear silhouette.

At the end, it would be neat for his hat to come off, since it's such a heavy fall.

Then, once he's on the ground, tons of bug crawl on top of him. Or, a vulture lands on him, since he's dead. :)

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