Saturday, March 20, 2010

Critique - Ball bounce - Jessica Toth

Nicely done! I like your set up for the obstacle objects!

Overall it's working really well, there are only a few little timing issues here and there.

For instance, when the ball rolls up onto the flat surface, there's a sudden slow down around the x22 area. Check your curve and take out that sudden direction change. The ball's slowdown should be gradual, like a regular curve with a flat tangent at the very end, nothing crazy in between.
Not a deal breaker and I'm being picky here, but from x44 to 49 the ball moves really quickly. The flat surface just moved down and it would the ball a bit longer to gain speed and drop. Right now the sudden speeding up is a bit fast.
The move down through the funnel is good, but I would try a version where you don't slow down the ball before it hits the walls. Check x52, 55 and 57. After a big bounce off the wall you those frames which have the ball right before wall and then another frame when it actually hits it. This one again is no deal breaker, I would try a smaller bounce off the wall on frames 51, 54 and 57. It should be around the same distance as the position one frame before it hits the wall. That way you have a position almost in the middle between the two walls and a clean hit on the wall.
The drop down and swing up through the U shape is awesome, that feels really nice timing wise!!
The bounces after that are almost there, but you're slowing down the impact, just like during the funnel thing. Check x96, that one should have the ball already on the ground. It's tricky when you have frame with the ball almost touching the ground and then on the next frame it's on it. It gives it a subtle slowdown. The bounce from x97 to 101 is a bit uneven in it's arc. The up move travels a certain distance screen right, but the down doesn't continue with that momentum, it should move a bit more screen right before it hits the ground.

That's it! Picky notes, but it's looking really good!


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