Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hyunah Ko - Laundry - Critique


alright, let's look at the IP stage, which is coming along really nicely!

First, the few things that caught my eye after seeing it for the first time.
- her arm movements around x51 to 71 feel too fast. It makes her look really rushed and given the style of animation at the beginning, doesn't fit (too snappy cartoony)
- her body down rotation and arm move from x91 to 95 is too fast as well, plus it makes her look really mad since she's so forcefully putting that sock away; although, that could work too.

What you could tweak for character, is this moment where she puts the sock in there. That could go beyond just a move. Right there you can show what she thinks. Is it the typical day to day job? Is this sock especially stinky today? Does she hate that sock? Etc. So within the more physical aspect of this shot, you can inject a little character.

- x169 to 179, too fast; there's no weight if you move the whole upper body down and especially up that fast - it would be funny if her face was wet after she comes up :)

So those are the main things I would work on. A bit more detailed (I know you just switched to IP, I'm just mentioning what I'm seeing right now):
- when she walks forward, it looks like you have a few sudden fast forward moves, then slow, then fast; watch out for those speed changes, they don't feel like they come from her and her walk; smooth out those transitions a bit more
- x38 to 41, her left foot/leg going forward is also too fast, give it 3 or so more frames.
- from x122 139 you will have to make a bit more complex; she just gets to that pose at 122 and then drifts to 139. I would have her try to grab the detergent, so with those arm moves it will make more sense that she can't squeeze her phone anymore
- the physics of the phone drop are off, the phone starts pretty slow and then suddenly drops

Hope that helps!

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