Monday, July 18, 2011

Roman Kobryn - Kill - Critique

​That's looking really nice!

​ As you mentioned, there are some linear moments, like on x38 where the chest rotates abruptly. I also wonder if it's a hair too fast? Or just too big? Same with the move around x76. It's good to have contrast in the performance, but having both moments big like that, makes him a bit too active compared to his line delivery. The audio is so calm, I think you could keep the first one starting at x38, just a bit softer (he has the pause in the audio, so I think it's a good moment for an accent), but tone down the look up later a lot more (less in the head, less in the shoulders). Could just be me, that was just my first impression when I watched this version.

Body wise there's something funky going on after x98 where the body rotates away from us but the head tilts towards us, then the whole body moves as one unit to around x149. I wouldn't break it up too much between the head/chest/root because he has that regal attitude, but it's just a tad stiff. You could loosen it up a little bit in the chest and shoulders as he makes that big turn. Then you could bring the shoulders back up a little bit and rotate the chest back a tiny bit before "I will..." as if he's breathing in.

I really like the move on "told me", I'm a big fan of head accents that don't overdo it and this one at the end combined with the eye flare works really well.

Overall the body is working really well. The facial performance is a big part though and I think you will be able to bring the performance up a notch with it.



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