Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mike Wilson - Espresso - Critique

Ah okay, no worries about the character then. It is a funny contrast. :)

The shot looks really good! You're making my job hard here. I really don't have that much to say, sorry!! :)

I would love to see this now in spline mode.

I wonder how far you can push the stretchiness, given that his actions have a lot of bounce to it (which looks nice). So from x149 to 150 as he goes down, you could translate up the head or stretch it a tiny bit (less stretch than translation), then when going back up on x154 you could bring the head down (translated) a bit more. It might get too squash and stretch, but try it.

When he says "wait" the head is fairly locked. This might not read as well because he's coming down after the first hop right before he says it, but it would be good to get a head accent for "wait", so it's not just the jaw that will say the word, but so that you will feel how the head is involved in that yell as well.

Around x195, I'd think that the screen right hip side would be up, since the weight is on the screen right leg, but you don't see the clear steps. But judging from the rhythm you have, he lands on his right leg around x169, so around x186 his left leg takes a step, then all the weight is on it around x192 on (so yeah, bring that side of the hip up), then around x216 the other leg is finishing the steps. So from x218 to 252, as he leans from side to side, you can involve the hips a bit more so that you can see the weight shifts. Nothing crazy, but I think you can push it a bit more.

Looking great, keep going!

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