Saturday, July 2, 2011

Richard Clark - Drunk - Feedback


that's cool to see!

Here's a little note that's not a dealbreaker but for future clips something to think about. In your first shot you're establishing that they are going from screen right to screen left. So in your second shot, you're breaking the 180 degree camera rule, by having them go from screen left to screen right. It's not confusing most of the times and people break that rule all the time in movies nowadays, but there are moments where you can't do it because the audience will be confused.

The second shot feels a bit long though. It's too bad that he doesn't get the keys into the door in the first shot and when he falls over he pulls the door open. Because that way, in the second shot, around x1373, the door would open and the red could throw him right into the car. Now, has to take little steps to the car, then open the door, then take little steps around the door and put him in there. That whole section is just too long and drags a bit rhythm wise.
Plus technically, he puts him into the driver seat, so why try to stop him in the first shot? He should throw him onto the passenger seat and then get into the driver seat to drive him home.
Another little detail. With that guy being so passed out, I doubt he would hold on to the keys. The red guy could take them and put them into this mouth since he has both hands full.

Time wise, you can also cheat and have the blue guy closer to the car in the second shot. The audience won't notice and the red guy will have to take fewer steps, which will speed up that shot.

What do you think?

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