Saturday, July 2, 2011

Roman Kobryn - Kill - Feedback


I like where you're going with this shot. My only comment anim wise, would be the fist part on "kill". I wonder if that's a bit too on the nose. Fist/crush/kill, acting out the words type of thing. I really like the audio delivery and I think you could push that Kill moment with more of an emphasis on the facial acting and less with a gesture.

There's a lot you can do with eyes, so for instance if you have a guy that has a lot of eye darts, active eyes and an active head (little head turns) and then he quiets down and the eyes focus and almost stare, you get a lot of contrast. So in your shot, as he projects what he's going to discover, he's actively imagining it in his head, so his mind is busy, therefore you will read that in his eyes. But when he's thinking about the kill, it's a single minded focus, so that will get reflected in his eyes as well. And that stillness will be a good way to emphasize that moment, instead of externalizing it with a gesture.

What do you think?

Otherwise, keep going! It's a bit rough anim wise with stepped keys to give you specific anim feedback from a technical point of view, so I would start the next pass with more breakdowns and splined keys. There's also nothing that stands out as being "wrong". My only little critique would be to have the background wall be more screen left, so that the head doesn't form a tangent with that wall line at the end.

Hope that helps!

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